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This section is devoted to portraits custom made from your own pictures! Want to give a gift that let gaping who will receive it? Want to get a quote for a portrait in the plywood cut hand? Nothing more simple, fill out the form and I’ll be happy to check the feasibility. In fact there are more things you need to know about it: it is important that the photo has a good resolution and a good brightness, I need to be able to draw on the computer; In fact, my work starts right from there, drawing your picture in hand on pc; on the price affects the complexity of the picture and the number of faces, but everything is very relative, I created portraits with only one face more complex than others where there were two / three people; sometimes depends also from clothing worn, a plaid shirt or a flowered dress make it more elaborate! Once the design will be my concern to send it via e-mail before cutting to give the ‘idea of how it will work; the size of the portrait are usually the size of an A3 sheet (42 x 30 cm) which then must be added the master key, the frame and the glass. The portrait is also sanded and products to ensure the maintenance and, finally, polished brush!

If you intend to create a portrait for a gift contact me at least 40/60 days before the expiry of the birthday, wedding, Christmas and so on … for me it is important to have a time well in advance so as to meet the delivery time and meet deadlines!
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