Matteo Gentile

Matteo Gentile was born in Varese in 1979.
After the first three years of life lived in the hometown he moved for a year to Manfredonia and later in its current city: Foggia.
As a child predisposed to creativity of models and technical drawing he enrolled and graduated as a surveyor. The first true realization takes place in 2000, using materials such as tongs, ice cream sticks, toothpicks, skewers and rolls of fiberglass tips for DOMOPACK; creates a real sports center on two rings with lots of cover and seating cardboard, then exposed to the model building art of Foggia in the same year of construction at a model exhibition.

In the following years, for work, puts aside this creative streak, until November 2011, when the urge to fill leisure time leads him to take the art of tunnel known in previous years but never practiced. He tests his skills for the first time, building a very realistic model of the Eiffel Tower; this first experience gives him the certainty that this art known four months before flowing through his veins, the knowledge that comes with patience, precision and love for cutting plywood him to make new works: a locomotive and a Victorian cabinet jewelry hand cut.

Being a self-taught engages in work increasingly complex; is the case of the bell tower of Santo Domingo de la Calzada (Spain), and reproduced really existing plywood with over a thousand pieces cut, painted, glued and wedged.

By now a raging river and eager to work more and more complicated sets out in search of new projects to be executed, until the fortuitous knowledge with a Canadian artist directs his attention on portraiture in custom perforated plywood, fascinated by this new type of work exchanging ideas and advice with this artist of the new continent and begins to engage in cutting portraits using and purchasing patterns of artists around the world who will serve in the months to follow to understand the design and technique.

In this first phase refines the cut with the cutting of famous faces such as John Lennon, Marilyn Monroe, Albert Einstein, Bob Dylan and Nelson Mandela to name a few and some landscapes including the Bridge of Sighs in Venice.

The style used in the processing of the picture refers to the vector, where the shadows characterize portraits where you can without sacrificing the definition of the subject.


In parallel develops a technique of graphic design with the aid of computers, processing of faces directly from a photo and their subsequent transformation into a drawing for cutting plywood make this work unique and original to the point of attracting the attention of a TV station of relevance as TGNORBA24 complete with interview and the curiosity of many fans of art tunnel, wood carving, photographers and experts in graphic art thanks to the publication of the work through social networks. Among the works reproduced from a photo especially appreciated is the face of Ayrton Senna, Padre Pio and some custom of ordinary people.

In September 2014 he enrolled in a cultural association which aims to promote the art and the territory by participating in exhibitions, impromptu to some collective art of particular importance as FRIENDLY, thematic exhibition on brotherhood among peoples.

Always looking for new jobs and to the perfection of technique, you can feel satisfied in having achieved, in a few years, in a totally self-paced, results that include not only the ability of manual cutting, but also the design and the creation of the model on paper.

Matteo Gentile