Bell Tower

Santo Domingo de la Calzada

The model

This model is one of the most beautiful bell towers of Spain really existing in the town of the same name; This model is made of birch plywood of various thicknesses (1.5 / 3/6 mm and its multiples) and is cut entirely by hand, as well as hand were stained, polished up inside over a thousand pieces that comprise a ‘height of 135 cm to 22 thick! This work I consider the most elaborate done so far, but also one that has given me more satisfaction and headaches at the same time! Special thanks to Pedro who skilfully produces the projects developed on the computer that are of absolute precision and allowing then to enjoy such satisfaction!

The history

Santo Domingo de la Calzada is a small country of about seven thousand inhabitants and is located in the region of La Rioja (Spain). The history of this historic town is very interesting, his birth is dated XI century when Santo Domingo (St. Dominic) de la Calzada (path) retired to this area in meditation.

To assist the thousands of pilgrims who passed through on the way to the Santiago de Compostela, founded Lee, a chapel, bridges and a hospital; this city then began with a small group of houses into a small feud thanks to Alfonso VI of Castile, Santo Domingo died in 1109. In 1558 the church was elevated to cathedral and bell tower built between 1762 and 1769 by the architect Martin de la Beratua after the first Gothic collapsed. This tower is decorated in Baroque style influenced by the neo-classical style; The bell tower is 69 meters high and wide 9. Over the centuries various miraculous healings have been documented during their visits to the pilgrims at the tomb of the saint. Source of news and photos:

“The art is not to represent new things,
but to represent with novelty.”
Ugo Foscolo