What is the time of order processing?

For works already available, the entire order is processed in 7 working days and then sent; delivery times vary depending on the type of shipping selected, territorial, social conditions and weather conditions; However, each shipment will be detectable by the customer, who will receive the tracking number on your inbox.

For works in the catalog but not available, or for custom works, at the time of the above should be added the timing of implementation, usually from 40 to 60 calendar days. The beginning of the work is secured by the payment of cash; the order is processed and will be able to say we will proceed to shipping only and only to the balance of the total amount. The whole procedure will be guided and will be available to provide continuing assistance by email.

How can I book a work not available?

The availability of each work is always indicated explicitly; being the result of their craft work (occasionally done), each piece is unique. However, each work remains in the catalog, even if already sold, as reproducible again. To book a work already sold, will be necessary to purchase anyway. Each work is not immediately available will be shown as “Available for pre-order“.

It is noted that the reproduction of the work will start with the verification of accreditation, and the average time of reproduction varies from 40 to 60 calendar days. The reservation will be confirmed via e-mail anyway.

How can I request a customized work?

Request customized work is easy, just click on the appropriate item in the main menu and fill out the form in all its fields. You will have a response time and cost of processing directly in your inbox. Remember that you need to upload 2 photos for the work to be carried out.

Payment is due in advance. Prices of personalized portraits vary on average between € 100-150. For a more accurate assessment, you will have to wait for the mail response. The whole procedure is always followed by mail.

What is the appropriate shipping?

For shipping we rely on the Poste Italiane©, which guarantees the depth of distribution. Choose the appropriate shipping is very simple, just select if the shipping address is:

  • in Italy (National Shipping)
  • in an EU country (EU shipping)
  • in a country outside the EU (International Shipping)

Any work that we ship is traceable directly to this site, the voice tracking; you can track both the status of the order, both the delivery status; the tracking number of the order will be indicated in the order confirmation email of receipt of the order; the tracking number of the shipment will be notified via email to start shipping.

You can also select the withdrawal on site, totally free: you can pick yourself the work purchased directly in the exhibition space, by appointment, and be able to see the other works present.

What is the payment method?

Each payment is processed through PayPal ©, valid both for owners of an account for those who want to pay by credit card, although it does not have a PayPal© account. After you have checked out, you will be redirected to the official PayPal© page to make payments according to all standards of safety; of course, all information is encrypted, traveling on secure protocol and no data will be stored on our site; PayPal © store information for the sole purpose of your protection and for the issuance of the receipt of payment, you will receive on your email box.