The Cultural Association of Small Arts Foggia of which are member organized a collective art exhibition whose theme is the brotherhood and solidarity between peoples; beautiful cultural event that has seen over the days the alternation of many artists, writers, poets and dancers, all with the same common denominator, raising public awareness to an issue that today he often speaks in negative, extremist ideologies , wars between nations for territorial reasons, religious and ethnic.

I strongly wanted to participate in this collective because it highlights my ideals of life by presenting a portrait hand cut in the plywood enriched with inscriptions also fretted that are assumed to be the inspiration of Seneca; The same shall be posted on a plaque inside the monumental “Sigurtà Park” a beautiful park that I met randomly in Valeggio Sul Mincio in the province of Verona, enclose this beautiful photo with the message of brotherhood that has inspired my work and a link to this magnificent park that I recommend you visit!
foto di Luigi Petrazzoli

Today even more believe that the peoples of the world are:

“Waves of the same sea
Leaves of the same tree
Flowers of the same garden

Matteo Gentile